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Talking Dictionary 957. A Shot, A Stairwell, A Silence


957. Lee called Laura. "They just convicted our guy of manslaughter. The judge'll sentence him next month. They say he could get five to fifteen years. I promise you they'll throw the book at him, just like I promised you they'd convict him." She said, "Yes, you were right about that, but he did mess up. First, rookie cops aren't even allowed to do verticals. Second, after accidentally shooting that man in the stairwell, he didn't call his supervisor or an ambulance immediately. Third, he killed an innocent person! So, maybe he should get five years." Lee said, "How can you say that? It was an accident! Besides, you have to support your people 100 percent, no matter how much they mess up. That's why the establishment continues to ignore and disrespect us—we're the silent minority, the minority that never speaks up. To them, we're docile sheep. It's still 1942!" 5.2


957. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.