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Talking Dictionary 956. Meteorite Transforms Town, Man


956. In Larry, Indiana, a meteorite struck a man standing near a church. It knocked him unconscious and left a crater in the ground. The town fathers immediately announced a contest to rename their town Meteoritetown, Meteoropolis, Meteorurbia, or some other memorable name. "Anything would be better than 'Larry.' I think we got hit just because of that stupid name," said one resident, also named Larry. A local businessman created a website selling "a piece of the rock" and commemorative T‐shirts. He said most of the proceeds would go toward building the nation's first meteorite museum. Released from the hospital, the victim said, "Everything happens for a reason. I'm alive, not dead. I'm bursting with an energy that I've never felt before. I know it's a healing energy from the heavens above." Already, he said, strangers had been asking for his autograph and his healing touch. He's planning a national tour. 8.3


956. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.