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Talking Dictionary 953. But You Can't Hang Soup On A Wall


953. Herb's wife said, "Oh, look at this painting. It's a box of Campbell's Chicken Rice soup. Someone paid two million dollars for it." Herb looked at the color photo in the magazine. He grunted. "You know, a long time ago, people went crazy over tulips. What they could have bought a nice house with, they spent on a single tulip. They called it tulipmania. Then one day, a buyer realized, It's just a tulip! Sky‐high prices returned to earth, where tulip prices—like tulips—belong. Today's art is like yesterday's tulips. Whoever bought that painting is suffering from chicken‐rice‐soup mania. He's under a spell. But sooner or later, he's going to wake up. He's going to say to himself, How could a painting of something be more valuable than the thing itself? Why would I pay two million dollars to look at something that I could eat for a dollar?" 4.7


953. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.