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Talking Dictionary 951. Maybe She Could Regift Car


951. Lester said, "Now keep this under your hat; it's a surprise for Mom. I found a Lexus on Autotrader. It's a four‐door sedan, one owner, seven years old, 88,000 miles, and it's her favorite color—navy blue. I'm going to visit the owner next week, and if it's everything he says it is, it's a done deal. Mom's going to be plenty surprised." Lester's brother said, "Yes, but not in a good way. Have you not been paying attention? All Mom thinks about is that Cadillac that Dad surprised her with years ago. Go find her a mint condition 1990 Brougham. That'll be a good surprise. Every time she gets in it, she'll think of Dad and the day that he drove up in her anniversary present. If you get her that Lexus, every time she looks out the window and sees it in the driveway, she'll close the blinds." 5.1


951. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.