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Talking Dictionary 950. Constantly Correcting Corey


950. Dale and his brother were talking on the phone. Dale said, "My shoulder problem's gotten worse. Now it aches even when I'm sitting down, instead of just when I walk or stand." Corey asked, "You mean your shoulder blade problem?" Dale said, "Shoulder blade, shoulder—what difference does it make?! It's the same problem I've been talking about for months. Why do you have to correct everything? Whatever anyone says, you've got to correct them. You've got to tweak it an annoying—but never enlightening—bit. If someone says the sky is blue, you'll say, Well, actually, it's light blue. Or you'll say, Well, actually, it's blue and white, because the clouds are white, and they're part of the sky. Duh! You know, you're no longer Captain Obvious. I'm giving you a shoulder blade promotion. You're Corey, the Obnoxious Colonel of Obviosity." Corey said, "Obviosity?! That's not even a word!" 4.9


950. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.