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Talking Dictionary 949. College Bum Gets A Job


949. Megyn's only child graduated from college and moved into her tiny Manhattan apartment with her. Donald told her he was going to become a real estate salesperson, just like her. She was thrilled. But within four months, Donald found his true calling—playing computer games day and night, the same thing he'd done in high school. He didn't do any drugs whatsoever, but as far as Megyn was concerned, her son was a hopeless addict. One day, three years later, she called her ex‐husband. "What a relief! Finally, Donny's out of the apartment." Her ex‐husband said, "He's out? Did he move out? Or did he finally get a job?" She said, "He got a temporary job." He said, "Amazing. Did he find it online?" She laughed. "No, it found him. They called him in for jury duty." He laughed. "Well, if you're lucky, he'll get stuck on a six‐month trial." 3.6


949. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.