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Talking Dictionary 946. Hero Heists Hero, Filches Filberts


946. Single and 35, the handsome firefighter earned $75,000 annually. One day, he walked into a convenience store. He walked out with a sandwich and a bag of nuts, neither of which he'd paid for. The clerk called the police, who caught the firefighter as he finished the sandwich and disposed of its plastic wrapper in a city trashcan. After being convicted of stealing $8 worth of merchandise, he lost his job. His only excuse for the theft was that he hadn't had any cash on him at the time. His girlfriend asked, "What kind of excuse is that? What were you thinking? You forfeit $75,000 a year for a stupid $8 sandwich?" He said, "I don't know. It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I know it seems stupid in hindsight." His girlfriend said, "Hindsight?! It's stupid in pre‐sight, then‐sight, now‐sight, and every other sight!" 5.1


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