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Talking Dictionary 945. Attack Of The Blizzards!


945. Leesa said, "Daddy, I'm scared!" Dad said, "Scared? What are you scared of?" She said, "They said on the radio that there's a lizard warning. They told everyone to stay indoors tomorrow. Are there a lot of lizards? Are they big? Will they eat us? Will they eat Spot or Fluffy?" Dad laughed. Then he said, "I'm sorry, honey. I shouldn't laugh. It's not a 'lizard' warning—it's a 'blizzard' warning. A blizzard is a super snowstorm, so we don't have to worry about lizards eating us or the pets. What we do have to worry about is whether the blizzard's strong winds will knock out our electricity. Then our apartment will get dark and cold until workers fix everything." Leesa said, "Then can we go outside? I want to make a snowman." Dad said, "Sure. But even better than making a snowman, how about we make a snow lizard?" 3.1


945. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.