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Talking Dictionary 944. To Hospital Bacteria: All Aboard!


944. Jethro left the hospital in discomfort, but he was relieved to have had his hernia repaired. A week later, he was dead from an infection that he'd gotten while in the hospital. Thousands of Americans die each year from hospital‐acquired infections, while hundreds of thousands more get sick but survive. Betsy MacCoy, who's been railing against America's unhealthy hospitals for years, said, "Hospitals cost us money, but they're also as filthy as money. Doctors transport virulent bacteria on their ties and their stethoscopes from one patient's room to another. Hospital staff, particularly doctors and nurses, fail to scrub their hands before entering each patient's room. But worst of all, custodians fail to disinfect doorknobs, bedrails, and TV remotes daily. I always tell people, if you have a loved one in the hospital, don't show how much you care by bringing them chocolates or flowers. Show your love with bleach wipes!" 9.5


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