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Talking Dictionary 943. Don't Be Meen At Halloween


943. Selma, a sophomore dental student at NYU, asked her roommate, "What am I going to wear for Halloween?" Britney said, "Well, whatever it is, make sure it's 110% inoffensive. Remember the dean's email." Selma said, "Oh, yes. We mustn't commit 'cultural appropriation.' We can dress up only as members of the ethnic, racial, and gender groups that we belong to. So, my groups are Asian, Christian, female, and student. That's so silly. Did our parents have to jump through these group‐hoops? Besides, how will anyone even know what groups I belong, or don't belong, to?" Britney said, "Nobody knows, but everybody's watching. And rest assured, even dressed as Charlie Chaplin, you'll probably hurt somebody's feelings." Selma said, "Isn't a Halloween costume simply freedom of speech? What happened to that freedom? I should be able to wear whatever I please." Britney said, "Of course you should. Just wait till you graduate." 5.6


943. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.