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Talking Dictionary 941. Thugs Punk Drunk From Dark Park


941. In East Flatbush about 9 p.m., 15‐year‐old Brook was walking with his dad through a poorly lit park. Five young males approached. Waggling a knife under Foster's nose, one male told Foster, who was drunk, to move along without his son. Foster hesitatingly shuffled off. Walking into a nearby bodega, he slurred his words while asking for help. Smelling his breath, the bodega owner said, "Get out of here!" Meandering another few blocks, Foster saw a parked NYPD car. The officers drove him back to the park. They found Brook beaten up and relieved of his cell phone and pricey Nikes. After reported the attack, social media users lambasted the city for the park's poor lighting, the bodega owner for ignoring Foster's plea, NYPD for not parking nearer the park, Brook for wearing new sneakers in a bad neighborhood, and Foster for being a sot and deserting his son. 7.4


941. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.