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Talking Dictionary 940. Innocent Lad Or Spoiled Brat?


940. Ryan was going on 17 when the accident occurred. Ryan was going too fast when the accident occurred. Ryan was going around a curve when the accident occurred. Ryan was going for another swig when the accident occurred. His two passengers died instantly. Unmarked, Ryan lived to drive, and perhaps kill, again. Prosecutors tried him for manslaughter, but his wealthy parents hired a lawyer who presented an "affluenza" defense. She told the jury that Ryan's parents had doted on him from birth. Spoiled and "special," he grew up thinking that rules, regulations, and laws—including laws about driving under the influence—applied only to others. Amazingly, the jury bought into her argument. Ryan received community service. After the trial ended, a juror told a reporter, "We felt his pain. Not having his two best friends to pal around with anymore is enough of a price to pay for bad parenting." 6.8


940. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.