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Talking Dictionary935. Now It's Your Turn To Wait


935. Jody was waiting at the deli counter at the Columbus Circle Whole Foods. He got bumped. He turned right and looked at an old lady; she looked straight ahead. She bumped him a few more times in the next couple of minutes. Irritated, he stood his ground. Finally, the worker finished with the customer on Jody's left. Jody ordered a quarter‐pound of turkey. Just then, another worker got free and asked Jody, "Can I help you?" Jody said, "Yes, a half‐pound of—" The matron, nearly leaning on Jody, said loudly, "A pound of salmon." Then she turned to Jody and said, "You can't have two workers helping you. That's your worker. This one's mine. Try to follow the rules." He said, "I do follow the rules. And rule number one is, I waited patiently; now you—" She was looking at the worker. "Slice it paper thin!" she instructed. 3.7


935. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.