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Talking Dictionary934. Bad Breath, Black Lungs, Rank Duds


934. Because the volume is smaller, a smaller country's sky fills up with smelly gray smoke more quickly and densely than the sky of a larger country. Wanting their people to breathe fresher air, some smaller countries are experimenting with cigarette "presentation." Kengland turned to Acme Mind Shapers, which created a three‐phase Stamp Out Smoking campaign that Kengland implemented. First, media and print ads appeared everywhere, pronouncing, "Smoking—a stupid habit for stupid people." The ads showed dorks trying to look cool while lighting, holding, smoking, or discarding cigarettes. Next, cigarette packs lost their logos, slogans, and vivid colors. Every cigarette pack was plain brown. The brand name was in small black print above a grinning devil. Beneath the devil were large, red letters saying, "Enjoy Your Emphysema." Finally, phase three made further use of the psychology of color. Standard white cigarette paper was replaced with a new standard—bright pink. 8.4


934. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.