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Talking Dictionary932. Feline With Feelin'


932. Celine selected her best friend from a litter. "When I looked at her and she looked at me, I knew right off we were soulmates," Celine always said. For five years, she and Bondie "took care of each other." Then Bondie somehow got outside one day, and some "speeding idiot" ran her over. It was the saddest day of Celine's life. Weeks later, her boyfriend Ivan surprised her with a kitten that looked exactly like Bondie as a kitten. That wasn't a coincidence; Celine had hundreds of photos of Bondie. Celine was surprised and, at first, grateful. Then, she took the kitten to an animal shelter. Visiting Celine shortly afterward, Ivan asked, "Where's Bondie II?" Celine said, "Bondie II made me depressed. All she did was remind me of Bondie. I need to try to forget Bondie." Ivan said, "I understand." The next day, he brought Celine a Yorkie puppy. 5.1


932. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.