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Talking Dictionary931. But Dems Know: He THINKS It


931. Connie and Libby were discussing a contrary Presidential candidate. Libby demanded, "How can you not be offended by that rude, vulgar, sexist, un‐American, bigoted, racist, populist demagogue?" Connie said, "Wow! That's a mouthful!" Libby said, "Well, that's what the TV anchors call him every night." Connie said, "Yet they berate him for name‐calling. He's about as 'un‐American' as apple pie; he's a capitalist! A bigot can't abide other groups or religions. A racist believes that his race is superior. Have you ever heard him say that he can't stand certain groups or religions, or that whites are Numero Uno? A populist supports the rights and power of the people. That's bad?! A demagogue gets power by appealing to voters' emotions and prejudices. What candidate hasn't tried that? Regardless, once The Donald 'gets' power, he won't be a demagogue—he'll be the President!" Libby said, "Yes, a rude, vulgar, sexist one." 7.0


931. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.