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Talking Dictionary930. Hey, You Never, Uh, Win.®


930. Her husband said, "Finally!" She said, "Finally, what?" He said, "Finally, I matched the Mega number. I won a buck. I swear, there's something wrong with those bouncing balls. In the last six games, 12 was the Mega number twice—in a row! Something's rotten in Denmark." She said, "Something's rotten in your brain. There're 15 Mega numbers. That's a one in fifteen chance of getting your dollar back. At the track, you refuse to bet if there're more than ten horses in a race. Yet you continue to play Mega when there're 280 million horses in one race!" He said, "Yes, 280 million to one is ridiculous." The following week he said, "Yes!" She said, "Yes, what?" He said, "I followed your advice, dear. I quit Mega. I switched to Lotto—only 40 million horses in one race. Look, my very first game, and I won my dollar back!" 4.4


930. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.