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Talking Dictionary926. He Sullied The Salad


926. What's this, he thought, as he took the bowl of salad out of the fridge. Even though he had tossed the salad, he was now looking at a bowl of segregated vegetables, each unto its own. The radishes clung together, as did the carrots and the other vegetables. He showed the bowl to his wife. She said, "You corrupted them. They sensed your alienation as you touched, washed, and chopped them. So instead of having a bowl of happy vegetables partying with one another, you created a bowl of reclusive radishes, solitary celery, and lonesome lettuce. Throw them all out. They'll give everyone a stomachache. I'll make another salad—a happy one!" He said, "It's not my fault. I know you think otherwise, but vegetables can't be happy and they can't be sad. You can't have feelings if you have no brain! I think those GMO people are behind this." 5.4


926. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.