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Talking Dictionary925. Waiting Up For Santa


925. "Daddy, can I stay up tonight so I can give Santa a hug and thank him?" Dad said, "Honey, Santa doesn't have the time. People never let go, and they always go on." She said, "Not me! I'll even skip the hug, Daddy. I'll just say thanks, I promise." Dad said, "Okay, let's practice. I'm Santa. Ho‐ho‐ho! Well, hello, Chelsie!" She said, "Hi, Santa! Are you hungry? Do you want some cookies? What did you bring me? I hope it's the right color. I hope it's not alive! Will you take me with you? My parents won't mind, as long as I return before they notice. Is Rudoph—?" Dad said, "Whoa! I thought you were just going to say thanks." She said, "I was! But I got so excited. It was Santa, Dad! I was talking to Santa! Let me practice again. This time, I promise, I'll just say thanks." 1.2


925. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.