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Talking Dictionary923. Traintive Speech By Down And Out


923. After the Q train pulled out of the Newkirk Plaza station, passengers heard, "Hello, everyone. My name is Justin. I'm sorry to bother you. I'll be brief. I used to ride this train to medical school. I was going to be a doctor for Medicaid patients. But then something happened. I was driving to church one morning with my fiancée when a drunk T‐boned our brand new car. My fiancée died. I suffered a brain injury. I've been living on the street ever since. I just need a dollar for a burger. Can anybody help me? If you can't help, I understand. You're tired of giving, you're broke, or you might even think I'm making this all up." Just then, the emergency door opened, and a voice louder than a bullhorn shook the car windows. "Can anyone help a pregnant woman? I'm four months' pregnant! Help me feed my baby!" 3.6


923. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.