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Talking Dictionary922. And The New Miss Universe Is, Uh...


922. The Master of Ceremonies mistakenly told the runner‐up, Miss Colombia, that she was the new Miss Universe. She hugged Miss Philippines. The previous year's Miss Universe put the crown and sash on Miss Colombia, who then walked to the edge of the runway. Holding her bouquet, she smiled and waved to the cheering spectators. Moments later, the MC reappeared. "I'm so sorry. I misspoke, and I take full responsibility for my error. The new Miss Universe is Miss Philippines!" Miss Philippines was initially perplexed. Then her eyes got wide, and her hand covered her mouth. The previous year's Miss Universe gave Miss Philippines Miss Colombia's like‐new sash and crown. Many Colombians were upset. Said one, "They blew it. First they said she was, then they said she wasn't. They humiliated her before the entire world. The least they could do is announce a tie—make both of them Miss Universe." 5.9


922. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.