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Talking Dictionary921. Pretty Woman, Ugly Habit


921. He was walking west on Exchange Place. It was a gray December day. As he crossed Broadway, an attractive woman walking south turned right and ended up leading him along Exchange Alley. He looked at her slim waist, her black hair, and her long legs. She had nice legs. She was definitely attractive enough to risk a snub. He mulled over his opening line. What could he say? Maybe he could ask directions to a nearby Starbucks. Maybe, to show gratitude, he could invite her to join him for a cup of joe and maybe a snack. Maybe this could be the start of something big! Suddenly, he smelled something foul. How did she do that, he wondered. He hadn't even seen her light up. The acrid cloud of smoke overwhelmed his poor, defenseless, innocent nostrils. He picked up his pace and passed her on the left, shaking his head. 3.6


921. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.