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Talking Dictionary920. For Some, Racism Is Like Oxygen


920. In the Bronx, ten people sat around a table. Representing all five races, they were there to have a conversation about race. The President had called for such meetings to help Americans get past their differences and come together. At the meeting, everyone felt comfortable from the start. At its end, attendees hugged, shared contact numbers, and set up social meetings. Walking to the elevator, Sara said, "That meeting was unnecessary. We all get along with one another already." Joe said, "You're right. The problem with these meetings is that the attendees are friendly, intelligent people with open minds. The people who need to attend these meetings are the close‐minded racists, but they'll never show. Their heads are made of rock, and their minds are set in stone. Not only do they believe that certain races deserve their hatred, but even worse, many of them actually enjoy spreading their hate." 7.1


920. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.