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Talking Dictionary919. A Santa Claus Story


919. Five‐year‐old Greta said, "Daddy, tell me a story about Santa." Dad said, "Sure. Two days before Christmas, Santa was reading his mail at the North Pole. One letter was from Adele, who was five years old." Greta said, "Just like me!" Dad continued, "She lived in Queens." Greta said, "Just like me!" Dad continued, "She had a beagle." Greta said, "Just like me! What was her beagle's name?" Dad said, "Trooper. Adele wrote that she wanted a little brother for Christmas. She wanted a little brother so that he could take Trooper out for a walk when it was snowing or raining. Santa thought, What a selfish little girl. So what did Santa bring Adele? Bad weather. For a whole year, it rained or snowed every day on Adele's block in Queens. Now, what's the moral of this story?" Greta said, "I know! Don't ask Santa for a little brother!" 3.2


919. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.