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Talking Dictionary918. Silence, But No Vow Taken


918. She wondered how many other retirees lived like her. It seemed that she lived a life of silence. She had no family or friends. Almost every day, she said nothing to no one. Every Saturday, she went grocery shopping. She said Hi and Thanks to the cashier, so that was two words. Every Sunday, she bought a lottery ticket. She said Mega Quick Pick and Thanks to the clerk, so that was four words. The funny thing was, she didn't feel uncomfortable about the silence. Half the time when she actually did talk, she felt that the listener wasn't paying attention. Half the time, she felt that she was saying nothing of importance. When she was younger, such silence had been unthinkable. She always had to be yakking to someone about something. She no longer felt that need. Was she all talked out? Was this God's way of preparing her? 4.5


918. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.