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Talking Dictionary917. No Greeting With "Season's Greetings"


917. The Monday before Thanksgiving, Gil wrote his niece a Christmas check. He wrote on the Christmas card, as he did every year, Please call as soon as you get this. A lot of good that does, he thought, before sealing the envelope. Weeks went by. He received a Christmas card from her December 24. Finally, he thought. The small, spartan card had a printed message—Enjoy the Christmas Season! There was no Dear Gil, or Hi Gil, or Anything Gil. There was no Love, the Smiths. There was no Thanks for the Check. Irritated at her ingratitude, he opened his online bank account. The check hadn't been cashed. He looked at the return address on her envelope. She had moved. He'd sent his card to the wrong address. That explains her card, he thought. She thought he'd stiffed her, so she cold‐shouldered him. So much for Good Will to All. 3.0


917. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.