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Talking Dictionary912. LA Shuts Down, NYC Teaches On


912. The LA and NYC school systems received an email bomb threat from a supposed jihadist. The LA school superintendent closed all 1,000 schools the next day. Parents complained after the email was dismissed as a hoax. Said one, "The terrorists are winning. Closing schools just shows them that we're scared." Said another, "It's high time that someone created software for detecting prank emails." In NYC, Police Commissioner Bratton had declared the email a fake, partly because of a capitalization error. Bratton said it "would be incredible to think that any jihadist would not spell Allah with a capital A." NYC schools remained open. Said one Gothamite, "Thank goodness for eagle‐eye Bratton. Jihadists are infamous worldwide for flouting grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules, but capitals are sacred to them." Said another, "And thank goodness that, in an attempt to dupe America, no jihadist would ever be clever enough to lowercase Allah." 8.4


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