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Talking Dictionary908. NPRNT


908. She asked, "Why'd you turn off the radio?" Her husband said, "That station irritates me sometimes. They've got quite a few interesting programs and interviews, but more and more, they present stories about the poor. There's story after story about poor black people, poor brown people, poor yellow people, poor red people. Did I miss a color?" She said, "You didn't mention poor white people." He said, "You're right. That's because there are no poor white people, according to this station. All white people are rich, and all white people are evil. They are the source of all injustice. But get this: the station has a pledge drive twice a year. Guess who they get most of their money from?" She said, "Rich white people?" He said, "You got it. They spend all year making whites feel so guilty that they don't even mind the times their hands get bit." 3.8


908. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.