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Talking Dictionary903. The Best Advice Is...


903. Jan said, "I've got a big problem at work. I—" Her brother Damien interjected, "Maybe you should quit. Start looking for another job, but don't quit till you've found one. Do you have any vacation time? Can you transfer to another division in your company? I know a shrink who could help; he's cheap. Go over your boss's head. Maybe if you change your lunch hour." Jan said, "Enough already! You're like a machine gun with your pearls of wisdom. How often have I told you to can the unasked‐for advice? It's unoriginal and it's unappreciated." He said, "But I'm only trying to help." She said, "Help by listening, not talking. It's like if we were at dinner, and you suddenly started shaking salt and pepper onto my rice and beans. That's help? Be considerate. Ask me if I want your advice." He said, "But what if you say no?" 3.2


903. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.