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Talking Dictionary901. Homeless Shelter Too Close To Home


901. The NYC Department of Homes for the Homeless held a community meeting in Frank's Staten Island neighborhood. The moderator said, "We're opening a homeless shelter in four weeks across from your elementary school. Don't worry. There'll be security cameras, and a curfew, fence, and metal detector. We'll have security guards on the grounds 24/7. Only homeless families will live there. Their kids'll go to the same school as your kids, of course." Frank said, "Of course they won't! I don't want my kids going to school with homeless kids. I don't want my kids to have anything to do with homeless kids or their parents. There's no telling what influence they might have on my kids." The moderator said, "Sir, these people are not contagious or criminals. They're simply homeless. Do you even know any homeless people?" Frank said, "Of course not. And I want to keep it that way." 5.6


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