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Talking Dictionary898. Wait List For Full‐Service UES Bldg


898. It was Saturday. Shirley filled out a first‐come, first‐served, 7,000‐only application for an Affordable Studio Rental Upper East Side for only $565 a month. She dropped by the pharmacy at 3:57 to make a copy of her four‐page application. The sign on the pharmacy door said Saturday 10‐4. No!, she thought. She crossed the street to a realty office, where a worker kindly copied Shirley's application. Yes!, she thought. She strolled toward the post office. The sign on the post office door said Saturday 8‐4. No!, she thought. She went home, put five 49‐cent "overkill" stamps on the 9"x12" envelope, and walked to the loading dock behind the post office. She asked a mailman who was finishing his route if he would take her envelope inside. He agreed. Yes!, she thought. At home, rereading the ad, she suddenly realized that her income exceeded the maximum allowable income. No!, she thought. 6.7


898. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.