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Talking Dictionary896. Lexus Loses Its Luster


896. One day Mom told her son‐in‐law, "I love that car. If you ever decide to sell it, I'll give you $5,000 for it." Barney snorted. "The sound system alone is worth $5,000." Taken aback, Mom said, "Well, one can hardly drive a sound system down the road." Two years later, Barney decided to sell the car. Abby knew that Mom loved it, but she also knew that Barney wanted bluebook value for their car. Abby talked to her siblings. They all agreed to buy the car for Mom for $20,000. They surprised her with it a month later. Mom said, "What's this?" Abby said, "You wanted it, so now it's yours." Mom said, "No, I wanted it for $5,000, not for whatever you all must have paid for it. Now, I wouldn't take it for $5. I'm not going to drive around in something that reminds me of Barney's snarkiness." 4.7


896. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.