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Talking Dictionary894. Babies Come From—Storks?


894. Paul said, "Listen to this. In England, one‐fifth of young people don't know which animals pork and lamb come from. The same geniuses think that fish actually have 'fingers.'" His wife said, "Fingers?" He said, "Fish sticks; Brit‐speak. It sounds like British schools are as successful as American schools. I'll bet one‐fifth of American kids don't know what animal their hamburgers come from. They probably don't even know where their milk comes from. What are they teaching our kids nowadays? They should be learning hands‐on stuff, like milking cows, shucking corn, and feeding chickens. Whatever happened to 4‐H Clubs?" Their 14‐year‐old daughter came home from school. Paul asked, "Honey, where does pork come from?" She said, "Pigs." He asked, "Where does lamb come from?" She said, "Sheep." He asked, "Where does money for your books and clothes come from?" She said, "I'm not sure. I think it grows on trees." 2.9


894. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.