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893. He said, "You're not going shopping again?" His wife said, "Of course. It's the holiday season! I'm taking Sharon to Herald Square. We'll be back whenever." He said, "You know, you can't trust those stores. They suck you in with their holiday decorations, but once you're in there they want to keep you there until you've bought twice what you intended to buy. They trick you with all their fine print. They trick you with all their prices ending in 9.99. They trick you with all their gift cards that expire a week later. They trick you with the hues of their walls, the types of their music, and the placement of their goods. They have more tricks up their sleeves than Santa has lumps of coal." She said, "Hello! Was I born yesterday? I'll show Sharon all their tricks. Don't worry, dear, your money will be safe with us." 2.7


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