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Talking Dictionary892. Please Don't Shoot The Help


892. A man pulled out his .38 caliber revolver and shot a waitress at 2 a.m. after she asked him to smoke his cigarette outside. She died during the ambulance trip to the hospital. The 24/7 restaurant closed during the 3‐hour police investigation, but reopened afterward. A witness to the murder told police that the waitress "could've asked more politely." During the shutdown, the restaurant manager called a day‐shift waitress and promised her double‐time. When she arrived, he told her, "If someone tries to light up, don't say a word. Two shootings in one night will finish us." After checking with the police chief, the restaurant owner instituted a new employee policy regarding would‐be smokers. No longer will waitresses ask a customer not to smoke. That will be the manager's responsibility. While the manager points at the big No Smoking sign, he'll also be pointing a loaded pistol at the customer. 8.3


892. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.