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Talking Dictionary891. Baby Left In A Manger


891. It was the day after Thanksgiving. The Queens church had already decorated a large fir tree outside and set up an elaborate Nativity scene inside. The janitor returned from lunch. Hearing a baby's cry, he found an abandoned infant in the manger. Next day, a childless couple talked to the priest. The husband said, "We think God wants us to have this child." The priest said, "I agree. First, the mother came to this church, and second, she placed her son in your manger—the new one you just built for us. But still, you can't just call dibs on the child. You have to go through the ACS adoption process." The wife said, "We know, but if we can get your blessing, we'll feel like we're more than halfway home." He gave them his blessing. They left the church holding hands and laughing. She said, "Let's name him Moses!" 3.6


891. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.