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Talking Dictionary889. Colander OK, But Not Hijab


889. He said, "Some woman won a court case, so she now has a Massachusetts driver's license photo of her wearing a colander on her head. In court she said she has a First Amendment right to wear one because she belongs to the Pastafarian church, which is a 'satirical' church, not even a real one. That started me thinking." His wife said, "You're going to join that church so you can get a driver's license with a spaghetti strainer on your head?" He said, "C'mon. My license doesn't even expire till next year. I'm thinking, Are clowns running this country? I just read about a woman in our state who wasn't allowed a driver's license photo while wearing her hijab. The First Amendment protects colanders but not hijabs? That doesn't make any sense." His wife said, "Maybe the woman should poke a lot of little 'satirical' holes in her hijab." 6.0


889. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.