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Talking Dictionary888. What A Country—Everyone Passes


888. A California school district stopped issuing D's and F's because the two grades "depress" and "frustrate" students. The superintendent said, "When a student receives either grade, it embarrasses him. His parents yell at him and take away his cellphone. Such a grade can make a student think that he's different or deficient. He might dwell on the grade so much that he loses his appetite for learning and for his free lunches too. We can't have that. We can nip failure in the bud simply by not failing our budding students. Everyone knows that children do best with encouragement, just as everyone knows that our children are our future. From now on, students will receive grades of A, B, C, and P—Passing. We hope other districts nationwide will follow our lead. Most of the problems America has today are because yesterday's teachers gave out too many D's and F's." 6.5


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