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Talking Dictionary887. Slime Slides Past Damaged Dam


887. A dam retained a huge "lake" of red sludge. It was a by‐product of an iron mine. The dam broke, and the sludge flowed into a nearby river. The river flowed through a village about ten miles away. The villagers depended on the lazy river for food and drinking water. They bathed, cleaned their clothes, and swam and played in the river. They were stunned to see their river turn red and greasy‐looking. They stared at the hundreds of dead fish floating on the surface. The owner of the dam and mine arrived at the village. The village chief yelled at him. The owner said, "Calm down! Don't you see the opportunity of a lifetime? While you're yelling at me, millions of fish are floating by. They're dead, but they're fresh dead. Scoop them up. Cook them. Preserve them. Who cares if they're red? It's iron—iron's good for you." 3.1


887. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.