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Talking Dictionary885. The Gasman Cometh, Goeth


885. The NoGood Gas Company said Marie's meter needed changing. An NG rep scheduled an appointment, but the gasman never showed up. Another rep scheduled a second appointment. Marie was waiting when the gasman rang her doorbell. He asked, "Where's your gas meter?" She said, "I don't know. Ask the super. He's on the second floor." She texted Carl, the super. He called minutes later. "Where's the gasman?" Marie didn't know. Carl said, "Wait a minute. I'm looking outside. I see the NG truck. Someone's getting into it. He's driving off. They do that all the time." Incensed, Marie called NG and told the rep how the gasman drove off without contacting the super." The rep said, "He reported that he couldn't access your meter. So we have to schedule another appointment. How does December 14, noon to 6, sound?" She said, "Okay. But the third time'll hardly be the charm." 3.6


885. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.