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Talking Dictionary884. OK Earthquakes Not OK


884. Fracking is a drilling technique for extracting oil and natural gas from a mile or two underground. Under high pressure, a mixture of water, sand, and additives creates cracks in shale. Frackers then collect the oil and gas from the cracked shale. Fracking is widespread today. However, it has its detractors. Before fracking went almost statewide in 2008, Oklahoma averaged about three sizable earthquakes—3.0 or higher—a year. In 2015, Oklahoma had 500 such earthquakes. Louise has lived in her Oklahoma City house since childhood. She said, "We never had earthquakes here before. Tornadoes, yes. Blizzards, yes. Earthquakes, no. Never. Now it seems like we have a shaker every day. Every month, I see more cracks in my walls and ceiling. I called WeAreFracking4U headquarters. They said don't blame them. Their scientists had determined that fracking no more causes quakes than cigarettes cause cancer. They said blame global warming." 6.3


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