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Talking Dictionary882. Maybe He's Just Overthinking


882. He was thinking. ... If there's one good thing about death, it's that death is the end of negative self‐talk. It's also the end of guilt and regret. At least, as far as we know, it is. Then again, we don't know anything about death. Suppose our mind doesn't cease to exist. Suppose it continues on forever, and suppose it retains only negative self‐talk, guilt, and regret. That's certainly nobody's idea of "heaven." At least in life, our mind retains positive thoughts about things such as good friends and good times. But what if death's "mind" consists of no positive thoughts? Just negative thoughts, forever. But that's absurd. God wouldn't allow it. Then again, we don't know anything about God, either. Maybe God would allow it. Or maybe there isn't even a God to not allow it. ... Now he had more problems to worry about. He was sorry he'd started thinking. 4.1


882. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.