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Talking Dictionary881. The Shiny Pole Of Death


881. When he got home, he went straight into the bathroom. When he emerged, his wife said, "I hope you washed your hands thoroughly." He said, "I sure did. In fact, that's the reason I went in there—to wash my hands thoroughly. All this time I'd thought you were being over‐germaphobic, but on the A train I read a magazine article. It was disgusting! Some guy swabbed the poles in subway cars. He found E. coli, salmonella, and two other sicko‐killers that I can't remember the names of. That's my last handrail. How can something so shiny be so filthy? From now on, I sit—or I lean against a door." She said, "In case you have to hold on, maybe you should wear those disposable gloves that food handlers use." He said, "No. People might think I'm weird." She said, "New Yorkers might think you're weird? Look at them!" 3.3


881. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.