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Talking Dictionary880. The Foreigners Are Coming!


880. The daily killings, bombings, and terror caused millions of Syrians to flee their country. President Obama promised to take in 10,000 refugees before year's end. The response from many governors was immediate and loud: Not in our back yard! They feared that terrorists, posing as refugees, would gain entry into the U.S. The President said, "Shame on you! These are the very people that we've welcomed, regardless of race or religion, throughout our history. We've never turned anyone away, and we're not going to start on my watch. Further, the fact that nobody's attacked America since 9/11 proves that DHS, FBI, CIA, and NSA can spot and thwart any and all would‐be terrorists. We have nothing to fear but fear itself! C'mon, America's a big country! We've got plenty of room for 10,000 refugees. Let's welcome them with a big hug. Next year maybe we'll welcome a few 100,000 more!" 7.4


880. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.