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Talking Dictionary879. The Rat Race Is Over


879. Bo ate the same thing Monday through Saturday. He ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich for breakfast. He ate a can of bean with bacon soup with saltines for lunch. He ate a Salisbury steak TV dinner for dinner. Bo looked at his phone many times every day. He looked outside his window many times every day. He exited his apartment to run errands, such as buying soup and TV dinners, or to do chores, such as throwing out empty soup cans and TV dinner boxes. He went to the library every other Tuesday to borrow murder mysteries. He thought the authors of such books were clever. He hoped to meet one someday. Nobody ever rang Bo's doorbell except the pizza guy on Sundays. Sunday was Bo's day off from cooking. Bo knew his retired life was of his own making. He accepted the sameness and tolerated the aloneness. 5.8


879. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.