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Talking Dictionary876. Man Tries 50 Runs, 50 States


876. Since Ben retired three months ago, he'd been puttering around the house. He spent a lot of time watching TV and reading newspapers. He hadn't taken his wife out to a movie or restaurant even once. One day he said, "Listen to this. Some guy's going to run a marathon in every state. Tomorrow he's running in Colorado. That'll be his 26th marathon in 26 different states." Ben's wife said, "That's nice." Ben said, "I guess. But what's the point? After he runs 50 marathons in 50 different states, then what? Does he run 200 marathons in 200 different countries? Then what? Does he go on the Today Show? Does someone buy the movie rights? Who'd want to watch that movie? On top of it all, the guy's 60! He's over the hill! He'll never make it to 50. I don't get it." She said, "Maybe his wife suggested it." 3.6


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