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Talking Dictionary874. A Trip To A MuZZZeum


874. She dragged him to the new museum on the west side. While she meandered throughout each floor enraptured, he sat on the nearest bench reading Yelp reviews. Later, at a restaurant the reviews were right about, she sighed, "All the paintings were so beautiful, so inspiring." He said, "Really? What'd they inspire you to do?" She said, "To do? Well, nothing, yet." He said, "Well, then, they weren't 'inspiring.' They were merely 'interesting.' 'Inspiring' makes you do something. That's the critical difference between paintings and music." She said, "Oh, really? What, pray tell, has music ever inspired you to do?" He said, "Haven't you ever noticed me with my headphones on—nodding my head, tapping my feet, singing along?" She said, "That's 'doing' something? A monkey can nod its head, tap its feet, and 'sing' along." He said, "Well, there you go. Music's so powerful it can inspire even monkeys!" 4.2


874. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.