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Talking Dictionary873. There's Always Someone Faster, Stronger


873. Stan was bragging on the N train to his friend Joe. "This guy stepped on my foot in Murray's Bar. He thought he could just apologize for it. He learned different. I punched him out. They were brand new shoes." Standing nearby, Bruce said, "I could knock you out with one punch, mister." Stan looked Bruce over and said, "Excuse me?" Bruce said, "One punch, one knockout." Stan laughed. "I ought to knock you out right now." Bruce said, "I have $1,000 on me. Your friend can hold my money. You, however, don't have to put up a dime. I don't want your money; I just want the pleasure." Stan laughed again. "You're on, buddy!" They got off at 34th Street and walked over to Greeley Square Park. It was empty. Stan's first three punches were also empty. Bruce threw one punch. Then he held out his hand to Joe. 1.1


873. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.