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Talking Dictionary872. Remove HS Metal Detectors


872. After attending a PTA meeting one evening at her son's high school, Mabel went home upset. It was the first time she had actually seen the Bronx school's metal detectors. She did some research and called the principal. She said, "I just read that you haven't confiscated a single knife or gun since you installed the detectors, so what good are they? All they do is intimidate the students. They make them feel like they're in jail. How can kids be excited about learning when they have to pass through what's basically prison hardware?" The principal said, "First, they actually work. Second, our contract doesn't allow their removal. However, the company's offering a newly designed detector. It has a subway‐like turnstile. I think the kids'll get a big kick out of it." She asked, "How so?" He said, "Because they can have fun jumping over the turnstile without getting arrested!" 5.7


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