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Talking Dictionary871. What Are WE—Chopped Liver?


871. Barely a day went by in 2015 without a terrorist or two attacking or killing any number of victims worldwide. Bent on spreading fear and spilling blood equally, terrorists kidnapped, bombed, shot, stabbed, and hacked their way around the equator. Yet only the Friday the 13th massacre of 130 people in Paris prompted the U.S. Secretary of State to proclaim, "We are all Parisians." He didn't say, "We are all Kenyans," when terrorists slaughtered 140 students at a Christian college in Kenya. He didn't say, "We are all Yemenis," when terrorists killed 130 worshippers at a mosque in Yemen. He didn't say, "We are all Russians," when terrorists blew up the Metrojet with over 200 Russians aboard. He didn't say, "We are all Lebanese," when terrorists killed or injured 240 people in a Beirut residential district the evening before the Paris savagery. Many wonder, Why are we all "Parisians" only? 11.0


871. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.